I am a freelance audio technician/engineer based in the Seattle area. I specialize in audio but also have some visual and lighting presentation experience as well. Be sure to look at the About Chris page to learn more about me and to view my resume, as well as a list of events I have worked on.

I am also a musician (along with virtually everybody in the audio industry) and a producer. I could describe my music to you, but what good would that do? To hear it for yourself and make your own judgement, check out the Music page.

Also be sure to look at the Production page to hear some other projects I have produced, featuring the music of other artists as well as other kinds of audio ventures.

Finally, visit my Contact page to find out how to get in touch me, whether it be to hire me for a job or gig, or just to chat about music, etc. Thank you so much for visiting



-December 2018

After long last, I've released my new solo album: 'Long For A New Place'. Details here.

-July 2017

Good news! I finally fixed the audio files on this site so that they don't all start playing at once! Sorry it took so long folks.

-Aug 2016

I have officially relocated to Seattle, WA!

-July 2016

New Lyon's Ghost recordings and farewell: here

-Aug 2015

New Lyon's Ghost EP is out! Check the Lyon's Ghost page for details and show updates.

-Aug 2014

New song posted on my music page: "Gaze", featuring Xander Roseberry.

-June 2014

Lyon's Ghost EP now on Bandcamp. Details here.